Your Platform for Accelerating Science

Elemental Machines makes sensors and software to optimize complex operations. Critical data is encoded everywhere, but much of this data remains hidden from those who need it most. Unseen, unmeasured factors drive inefficiencies worth billions of dollars to the dominant industries in our economy, from yield loss in pharmaceutical production to machine down-time in advanced manufacturing to the epidemic of experimental irreproducibility in life sciences R&D. 

Rich, well-annotated datasets from connected sensors can eliminate this waste. Elemental Machines is on a mission to create products that make it easy to gather and transform this data into actionable insights to transform these scientific processes.  Companies can only improve what they can measure, but extracting and understanding information from complex operations is challenging. The Elemental Machines Platform is easy to deploy, gathers reliable, comprehensive data, integrates with your existing infrastructure.

Precision IoT Sensors

Foundation of the Elemental Machines Connected Platform

Easy setup. Data streamed to cloud within minutes via Bluetooth or Wifi. Small, add-on, internet of things (IoT) devices for data collection

Seamlessly capture data and metadata from all laboratory assets and environments  involved in any scientific study, such as:

  • Incubators
  • pH meters
  • Balances
  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • HPLCs
  • Centrifuges
  • Ambient environments
  • Blood glucose analyzer

Elemental Cloud

  • Aggregates data from Precision IoT Sensors
  • Benefits of cloud storage are
    • 24/7 alerting via email/text regarding equipment status
    • Elimination of data silos and instead creation data lakes.
    • Secure multi-user, role-based access
    • Virtually unlimited storage and global access

Powerful Analytics

  • Possible through data lakes and access to reliable, comprehensive data, thus reinforcing the value of IoT
  • Powerful algorithms to uncover:
    • hidden trends and variability that may confound experimental results, impede scientific discovery and process scalability
    • Equipment utilization that highlight over- and under-utilized equipment in your facility. This helps your organization reallocate assets for optimal use.
    • Imminent equipment failure through predictive analytics.  Prevent operational interruptions by proactively scheduling maintenance before equipment failure occurs.

Seamless API Integration

  • Easy integration with Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) and/or Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)  
  • Integration also possible with variety of databases
  • Alternatively, data viewable on cloud-based Elemental Machines Dashboard anytime, anywhere



Actionable Insights

  • Accelerate scientific discovery, increase reproducibility, and improve scalability.
  • Integration also possible with variety of databases
  • Alternatively, data viewable on cloud-based Elemental Machines Dashboard anytime, anywhere

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