R&D expenditures can comprise of a significant portion of a budget for a science-based organization. New technologies such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and predictive analytics can help reduce R&D costs through automated data collection, efficient use of laboratory assets, and real-time data analytics. These solutions allow R&D team members to perform studies remotely while monitoring the results real-time.  Imagine the ability to remotely attribute a failed R&D outcome to an unexpected light source at 3 am that compromised the integrity of your sample. Elemental Machines technology solutions can reduce such troubleshooting efforts and ultimately accelerate R&D.

R&D electronic data captures increases operational efficiency and allows for better compliance per quality system guidelines.  Additionally, the Elemental Machines data solution can easily integrate with several laboratory integration management systems (LIMS) for easy data aggregation.  Contact us for additional information on how the Elemental Machines solution can streamline your R&D operations.

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