With Elemental Machines, it’s never been easier. Wireless, battery-powered sensors are easy to deploy and provide comprehensive, 24×7 data streams.

Reproducibility, throughput, and yield are critical metrics for manufacturing operations. New technologies such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and predictive analytics can help manufacturing teams achieve desired metrics.  

Elemental Machines automated, IoT-equipped data collection solutions effortlessly measure critical parameters that impact outcomes of manufacturing processes. For example, the root cause of an inefficient microbial fermentation process may be environmental variability within a bioreactor.  With real-time data, a team can detect this aberration immediately instead of troubleshooting downstream in the process.

The Elemental Machines technology solution also offers electronic data capture that easily integrates with LIMS systems. Such functionality allows organizations to meet compliance and audit requirements.  Contact us for additional information on how our solution can help you optimize manufacturing outcomes.

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