Monitoring assets in your facility has never been easier.

Time-to-market, budgetary spending, and revenue generation are key metrics for many organizations.  But is your organization investing in areas that will help it achieve these goals?

Elemental Machines data analytics tools can help uncover instrument utilization for your entire facility.  This allows teams to potentially identify process bottlenecks when equipment is at 100% (or near 100%) operational capacity.  The impact of such observations is R&D delays and/or reduced manufacturing output. Such events compromise your organization’s ability to reduce time-to-market for new products and produce finished goods to meet customer demand.  

The data-driven insight provided by the Elemental Machines solution can affirm the need for equipment investment to reduce overutilized resources.  Additionally, our solution can highlight underutilized resources that may be repurposed for different functions/departments or removed in favor of in-demand equipment.  These advantages allow organizations to meet business goals through optimized resource management. Contact us to learn more about how Elemental Machines can help you optimize asset management to meet your business goals.

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