Complex biological processes are sensitive to environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, and pressure. Synthetic biology seeks to reproduce complex biological processes in controlled artificial environments.  A comprehensive analysis of the controlled environment can be facilitated through the use of powerful new technologies such as machan ine learning, internet of things (IoT), and predictive analytics.

Experimental irreproducibility, process failure, optimization, and success are all affected by unseen, unmeasured forces.  Elemental Machines IoT-equipped solutions measure critical parameters for you in the background, so that you can focus on more value-add, complex work.  The true power of the Elemental Machines solution is realized when you integrate background measurements with our data science tools.  This elucidates the driving parameters behind successful and failed outcomes. (After all, failure is a stopover on the way to success.)   

Furthermore, Elemental Machines data analytics algorithms can help predict when critical process equipment may malfunction.  This allows a scientist or engineer to schedule a service call before equipment failure occurs, possibly averting an interruption of a critical process, such as a sample incubation.

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