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For consistent results monitor temperature, humidity, pressure and light


environmental mapping, temperature and humidity mapping Complex scientific work requires consistency across all protocols, reagents, environments, and instruments. All too often, environmental variability is an afterthought, but modern processing and analytical instruments can be very sensitive to changes in environmental conditions, and exposure to varying conditions during processing steps can undermine the reproducibility of your protocols.

For example, changes in temperature and humidity can alter the calibration of liquid handling robots, the reliability of HPLC systems, and the accuracy of fine gravimetric measurements. In fact, centrally-controlled HVAC systems can drive environmental gradients within a single room and create many micro-environments.

Elemental Machines’ ambient condition mapping tool continually creates snapshots of ambient conditions inside a factory, laboratory, vivarium, greenhouse or other environment allowing you to find out how the environment is affecting your processes and instruments.

A recent article in The Scientist magazine featured the Elemental Machines solution as an example of new technologies available to improve laboratory outcomes and how it helped Sunovion Pharmaceuticals decipher data irreproducibility and accelerate data collection. With the help of Element-A ambient sensors providing environmental mapping of their facility, they were able to zero in on the root cause of irreproducible results from their HPLC data (Spoiler alert: their air ducts were blowing air directly on their instruments).

Another success story features a Materials Science company that mapped out the temperature and humidity profiles in their pilot production plant and realized that there were micro-environments that affected their yields and quality. Using environmental mapping they were able to quickly visualize the gradients, adjust their process accordingly, and keep tabs on continually maintaining their environment within limits.

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