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Understand your process

An oft-overlooked factor in optimizing a process is how raw materials are stored. In one use-case, a biotech company was monitoring temperatures for stored reagents. Our analytics showed that a subset of freezers were being opened/closed 10x more than others, resulting in temperature shock to sensitive biomolecules, affecting bioprocess yields. Our Insights engine was able to highlight the source of their low yields, allowing them to take corrective action quickly.

In another case, a Materials Science company used Element-As to map their facility’s temperature and humidity profiles to correlate gradients and fluctuations due to HVAC and seasonal variations with production yields. They were able to quickly visualize how these environmental gradients reduced yields and were able to modify their process accordingly.

Easy Integration

Our IoT sensors are easy to install, and will work with virtually any equipment or asset, providing you with the ability to monitor a single machine or a fleet of assets spread over multiple locations. The reporting is technology-agnostic and can be made to conform with even the most stringent compliance formats. Continuous data storage and access in the Cloud is ideal for process optimization and asset optimization.

Accelerating Science

Scientific work depends on your team executing protocols and processes repeatedly and efficiently. Our platform enables your team to map out complex processes and find the critical factors that affect yields.

Map your process. Integrate your data. Discover relationships.

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