Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Utilization and

Are your assets fully utilized?


The Elemental Machines Insights Dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your entire fleet of assets across all of your facilities so you can measure utilization, uptime, and health in one place.

Asset Utilization

Elemental Machines IoT-based Asset Monitoring System works in the background, without interrupting your workflow, to gather and summarize valuable information from your instruments, such as load, uptime, and usage trends. Whether it’s an R&D lab, manufacturing floor, greenhouse, vivarium, or other facility, the Elemental Machines platform can seamlessly capture data from a variety of sophisticated scientific assets. Door open events on cold storage and incubators offer valuable insight into asset utilization. Such data can assist operations directors in making key maintenance decisions. 

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Instrument Performance and Predictive Analytics

The real power of the Elemental Machines Asset Monitoring System lies in the powerful analytics performed on asset utilization. The platform identifies unique performance characteristics for each asset category to track instrument health with increased usage and changing environments. These performance metrics can be used to calculate equipment uptime, determine optimal maintenance intervals, and notify your team before assets fail.

Process Improvement

The Elemental Machines Insights Dashboard aggregates a variety of data and metadata to identify how you can improve your internal processes and workflows. For example, changing the location of an instrument can increase or decrease its utilization and maintenance needs and eliminate bottlenecks resulting from equipment availability. Environmental conditions can have a negative impact on equipment and processes. Monitor the environment 24/7 to uncover variables that may be affecting your process. 

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The Elemental Machines Asset Utilization System helps facility managers better understand operational loads on their assets.  By leveraging utilization metrics, they can better allocate funds for high-impact equipment and conversely decommission ones that are under-utilized. One study found that two -80C freezers were never opened during a two month period. Could one or both of these been decommissioned to save money? Read the study. 

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