Enterprise Asset Management

Optimize your Operations

Aggregate data from your enterprise assets through our IoT platform. Get real-time metrics for instrument performance, utilization, and out-of spec conditions. Integrate data with ELNs, LIMS, and ERP systems. 

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Asset Optimization

Time-to-market, budgetary spending, and revenue generation are key metrics for many organizations. Is your organization investing in infrastructure that will help you achieve these goals? The Elemental Machines platform provides lab managers, operations managers, quality managers, scientists, and engineers with efficient solutions for:

  • Equipment Monitoring: 24/7 continuous monitoring and alerting to ensure uptime and compliant operation of all critical assets
  • Data Archival and Retrieval: secure and reliable data repositories
  • Asset Utilization: Estimation of utilization to drive budgeting and purchasing decisions

During routine operations, our network is collecting data 24/7 on your valuable assets and environments. These data can be used across the organization to ensure operations are functioning smoothly and that development programs are on track.

Should there be an out of spec event, having instant access to the data prompts:

  • An alert to be automatically sent to the lab manager notifying them of an out of spec condition
  • A notification to the quality manager letting them know of the out of spec condition for regulatory reporting so they can file a report on the incident
  • A notification to the R&D manager so they can check to make sure the incident hasn’t affected their research protocol

The data collected can be used across the organization, improving efficiency for all stakeholders. 

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Easy Integration

Our IoT sensors are easy to install, and will work with virtually any equipment or asset, providing you with the ability to monitor a single machine or a fleet of assets spread over multiple locations. The reporting is technology-agnostic and can be made to conform with even the most stringent compliance formats. 

Accelerating Science

Scientific work depends on your team having reliable assets, maintaining their uptime, and being able to make appropriate purchasing decisions to support their work.

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