Health care outcomes rely on effective and timely treatment.  New technologies such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and predictive analytics can help equipment management at hospitals and clinics.

Elemental Machines IoT-equipped solutions can help manage your entire fleet of cold storage equipment that houses both thermally-sensitive treatments (eg. drugs, vaccines) and biological specimens (eg. blood).  Our solutions may be configured to share real-time equipment data with both the facilities team and designated departments leads. This ensures that multiple responsible parties are immediately alerted to any equipment aberrations, and equipment resolution may be coordinated among team members.  Our monitoring and alerting system is designed to withstand extenuating circumstances, such power outages caused by natural disasters and mishandling from human error. The design redundancies of our solution ensure that alerts may be reported to your team 24/7, even under such extenuating circumstances.  

Additionally, our data analytics tool tracks day-to-day variability of cold storage for predictive maintenance.  This averts the possibility of unscheduled equipment downtime and provides an additional protective mechanism to preserve the contents of your cold storage.  The characteristics of the Elemental Machines solution allow your organization to achieve its mission of providing optimal health care to its patients. Contact us for additional information on how to our solutions can help maintain your fleet of your cold storage systems.

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