Embryo specimens stored in liquid nitrogen tanks are invaluable, often irreplaceable, samples. New technologies such as machine learning, internet of things (IoT), and predictive analytics can ensure that these samples are well-protected.

Elemental Machines technology solution allows users to track day-to-day variability of cryogenic storage tanks to determine predictive maintenance.  This averts the possibility of unscheduled equipment downtime and provides an additional protective mechanism to preserve specimen integrity.

 Additionally, Elemental Machines IoT-equipped monitoring and alerting system is designed to withstand extenuating circumstances, such as power outages from natural disasters to mishandling from human error. The design redundancies of our solution ensure that alerts are communicated to designated team members 24/7, even under extenuating circumstances.  Contact us for additional information on how to protect the valuable contents of your cryogenic freezers.

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