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The Elemental Machines Dashboard can  integrate with third-party systems using an API to transfer data. This data, combined with other tools, can provide valuable insights into process inconsistencies.

One such example was when the team was unable to obtain reproducible results from an HPLC system in its lab: Sunovion scientists were able to pinpoint the root cause behind a problem that led to inconsistent chromatography data associated with a drug product. In the laboratory of Lakshminarasimhan Pranatharthiharan (PH), one of two high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machines was providing inconsistent readouts related to elution peaks that represented the drug compounds being produced. The team performed initial troubleshooting of the instrument and the columns, but was unable to determine the underlying cause of the inconsistent peaks.

PH’s team then decided to look at environmental data to determine if there might be temperature fluctuations in the laboratory, and if so, if these fluctuations might be leading to the inconsistencies in the data. They placed Elemental Machines’ Element-A, an IoT-equipped environmental monitoring device, next to the HPLC machine to measure ambient conditions at the time of an HLPC run. Continuous, [NIST?] time-stamped data streams were seamlessly transmitted to the ArxLab Notebook electronic laboratory notebook (ELN).

The Sunovion team aggregated HPLC and collateral data to attribute the irreproducible results to temperature variation caused by hot or cold air from the HVAC system that blew in the vicinity of the HPLC system. The joint Arxspan / Elemental Machines solution allowed the Sunovion team to efficiently troubleshoot the root cause of their problem.

Integration of ArxLab and Element-A

The Elemental Machines environmental data is integrated into the ArxLab Notebook ELN via the Elemental Machines API process.

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