Enterprise Data Management

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Manage enterprise data across your organization. Access lab informatics when and where you need it.

What is your data trying to tell you?

Insights into your enterprise


  • Securely store and access all of your data assets in one place
  • Run powerful analytics to visualize long-term patterns
  • Generate auditable reports for compliance
  • Integrate data with third-party systems and applications, such as Electronic Lab Notebooks, ERP, and LIMS systems
enterprise data management, measurement traceability, lab informatics


  • Receive real-time SMS notifications when anomalies and alerts are triggered
  • Customize notifications rules with a powerful rules engine
  • Manage user access and permissions with flexible admin controls
  • Rely on enterprise level security to meet regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11



  • Capture instrument, environmental, and scientific data and correlate with research outcomes
  • Eliminate data silos to allow access to all your information at once
  • Create structured data models that are optimized for AI and Machine Learning

Accelerating Science

Scientific work depends on your team gathering and freely sharing data amongst each other. Our platform allows your team to spend less time collecting and managing their data and more time thinking about what that data means.

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