Elemental Machines helps the world’s leading laboratories manage valuable samples and materials, and track the ambient environment where experimental work is performed. From monitoring lab freezers and refrigerators, to validating oven performance and tracking vivarium conditions, the Elemental Machines Sensory Networks gives customers peace of mind. Remote monitoring gives teams access to critical information. Tiered text and emailed alerting and cellular backup capabilities ensure that teams know if there are any issues — from equipment failures to power outages. Any time of day or night.

Pharma labs are where life-saving therapies are developed. Continuous monitoring of lab equipment and the lab environment can help accelerate this time-critical work.
Monitoring fertility clinics equipment with new tools to enhance operational efficiency.
Understanding lab equipment performance and the factors that affect outcomes is critical for all industries, including synthetic biology.
Monitoring equipment and the lab where complex chemistry takes places improves repeatability and gives teams quick access to new insights.
Academic research institutions and hospitals need to continuously monitor lab equipment and the lab environment where research takes place.
New health and personal care solutions come out of the laboratory, and benefit from continuous lab monitoring.
Innovations in materials science require excellent science, inspiration, and continuous laboratory monitoring.
Municipal laboratories have an ongoing need for remote monitoring of critical equipment to ensure performance and sample storage.
  • “From product development to quality control, having detailed data and high-level visualizations about all aspects of our operation is enormously valuable.”

    Bud Drummey – Senior Director of Manufacturing, Quanterix
  • “The Elemental Machines solution is helping our resident scientists easily measure the effects of environmental variables to accelerate their research.”

    Johannes Fruehauf, MD, PhD – Co-founder and President of LabCentral
  • “Elemental Machines is poised to have a profound impact on how research is performed.”

    Brian Singerman – Partner at Founders Fund