User testimonials

Alerting and monitoring

Battery powered alerting and monitoring platform works even when the power is out

Predictive maintenance

LabCentral uses the Elemental Machines systems for facility-wide monitoring

Regulatory compliance

LA Biomed, an animal research facility, implement IoT monitoring for regulatory requirements

Alerting and monitoring

Small sensor size and easy deployment caused this company to switch to Elemental

Peace of mind

Easy set up and 24/7 monitoring of cold storage caused this customer to buy more

Equipment troubleshooting

Comprehensive data collection revealed an issue with -20C cold storage that housed valuable clinical trial samples

Sensor calibration

An analytical laboratory needed NIST traceability and chose Elemental Machines

Reliability and ease of use

Inzen Therapeutics values the EM platform for its simplicity, ease of use, and reliabiltiy

Save time and reduce errors

Essco Calibration Laboratory chose Elemental Machines to save time and ensure accurate data collection.

Alerting and Monitoring

A Blood Plasma Company uses Elemental Machines for reliable alerting and monitoring during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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