The fastest, easiest way to make your lab smart

Whether you want to monitor laboratory freezers, refrigerators, ovens, incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks or other equipment, or understand the ambient temperature and humidity in the lab itself, Elements are the answer. Easy to install and battery-powered, they stream high-resolution data to the Elemental Insights dashboard for easy access to visualizations and a lab-wide view of equipment performance. NIST-traceable devices available.


Monitor critical lab equipment — -80C freezers, -20C freezers, 4C refrigerators, ovens, liquid nitrogen tanks, incubators and more

  • Document sample storage conditions
  • Verify oven temperature
  • Visualize equipment utilization patterns


Monitor lab environment — temperature, humidity, light and air pressure

  • Identify factors that affect outcomes
  • Characterize lab environment
  • Monitor vivarium conditions

Key Features


Can be used in a broad range of environments and equipment. Monitor research laboratories, monitor production facilities, monitor freezers, monitor refrigerators, monitor ovens


No plug required, streamlining deployment and making it easy to place devices exactly where needed, rather than where the nearest outlet is


Magnetically mounted, simply place and activate devices and ensure that they are streaming data


No network cables required. Data is shared with the Elemental Insights dashboard via WiFi

Product Overview


Welcome to the Smart Lab

Download and learn how the Elemental Machines Sensory Network is helping leading teams improve research processes and manufacturing outcomes, refine protocols, and monitor conditions in the laboratory, equipment and production environment