Elemental Insights

The portal into the Smart Lab

The rich, web-based dashboard gives teams on-site and remote access to all data from the Elements. Track performance of critical equipment to understand usage patterns and identify potential maintenance issues. Manage notifications and alerts. Generate monthly performance for reports for compliance requirements. Anytime. Anywhere. Lab monitoring has never been easier.

Easy access to data. Anywhere. Anytime.


  • Visualize usage patterns in critical equipment
  • Access current and historical data to understand long-term patterns
  • Track lab temperature, humidity, light and air pressure and see how they correlate to research outcomes
  • Download standardized or customized reports for compliance
  • Integrate data with third-party systems and applications


  • Visual notifications in the Insights dashboard
  • Set alert thresholds for each piece of equipment or lab monitored.
  • Set staff permissions for the areas and equipment that matter to them

Over 80% of data is lost or underutilized.

Key Features


Web-based dashboard provides easy access for the entire team


Powerful visualizations translate high-resolution data into meaningful charts


Reports make it easy to document laboratory equipment performance and lab conditions for verification and compliance


Enables teams to share Elements’ data with ELNs (electronic lab notebooks), LIMS (laboratory information management systems), or other systems of record.

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