Elemental Alerts

Instant text and emails notifications

Alerts ensure that the right people are notified – immediately. Dashboard-based notifications provide instant texts and emails to notify designated recipients if Elements detect unexpected variations in conditions. Temperature and humidity monitoring, incubator monitoring, refrigerator monitoring, freezer monitoring and more.

Alert designated staff if there are unexpected variations in conditions

Protected by the Elements

Continuously monitor critical samples, materials, and experimental work with the confidence that you will be notified if something goes amiss.

  • Was a lab refrigerator door accidentally left open?
  • Did the compressor fail in your freezer?
  • Did the oven reach the temperatures specified in the protocol?
  • Were ambient conditions in the lab optimal for the polymerization process?
  • Were lights in the vivarium off all night?

Over 80% of data is lost or underutilized.

Key Features

Fully customizable

Anyone in the organization can be notified in the event that alert thresholds are crossed, or in the event of power or wifi outages.


Teams can establish a hierarchy of people to receive alerts so that if the situation isn’t resolved and cleared by the first, the next person will be contacted.

Alert Tiles

Dashboard Alert Tiles provide a comprehensive view of all notification events.

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