Much more than continuous temperature monitoring

The greatest benefit that comes from 24/7 monitoring of your valuable assets is peace of mind. As a lab manager or director you can rest easy knowing that the Element-T is working 24/7 to ensure your assets are protected from equipment failure, power outages or simple human error. If the temperature of your freezer or fridge exceeds the alarm limit you will get an immediate alert, anytime, anywhere. 

Alerting you to unsafe conditions is only one of the benefits provided by the Element-T. There are other benefits from monitoring your equipment 24/7. A complete record of equipment conditions is invaluable for quality management or regulatory filings. 

Predictive maintenance is another benefit of continuous monitoring. One of our customers, LabCentral in Cambridge, saw that their freezer was behaving erratically, but still maintaining temperature. They shared the complete data sets with the freezer manufacturer who concluded there was a problem with the freezer. They were able to pro-actively address the problem before it failed. 

Another benefit is the ability to derive utilization information. In one case a large customer monitoring 60 freezers and fridges noticed that some of. their -80C freezers were never opened. Having such information would allow them to decommission a couple of their freezers, if desired, to save energy and maintenance costs and to free up expensive laboratory space. 

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Data collection from critical lab equipment — -80C freezers, -20C freezers, 4C refrigerators, ovens, liquid nitrogen tanks, incubators and more

  • Document sample storage conditions
  • Verify cold storage temperature
  • Visualize equipment utilization patterns
  • Receive alerts when temperature is out of specification so you can save your valuable materials


freezer monitoring, equipment monitoring, refrigerator monitoring

installing element-t

Element-T is simple to install anywhere in your facility as there are no wires or power cables to worry about. Element-T is battery-powered, portable and installs in about one minute. Watch this video to see how easy it is to deploy the Element-T.

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Key Features


Can be used in a broad range of environments and equipment. Monitor research laboratories, monitor production facilities, monitor freezers, monitor refrigerators, monitor ovens


No plug required, streamlining deployment and making it easy to place devices exactly where needed, rather than where the nearest outlet is


Magnetically mounted, simply place and activate devices and ensure that they are streaming data


No network cables required. Data is shared with the Elemental Insights dashboard via WiFi

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