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Every lab manager or director wants information at their fingertips. The question is how to do this in a way that is efficient, easy, but also secure and complies with typical industry regulation like CFR part 11. 

The Elemental Machines platform aggregates the data from all your equipment and from the environment and makes it readily accessible in the Cloud. Key features of the dashboard include:

  • Alerting and monitoring for out of spec conditions
  • Highly configurable by teams and roles
  • Capable of producing audit reports for compliance
  • Enables simple calibration of sensors in the field for GxP environments
  • Provides equipment utilization data to improve lab efficiency
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alerting & monitoring

The most fundamental task for an alerting and monitoring system is to provide timely and accurate alerts when conditions are out of range. However there is a lot more to it than that. 

  • Battery alerts – the system sends alerts when battery power is low so you can change sensor batteries before any data is lost
  • Connectivity alerts – what if your power goes out in a storm? Will your system continue to collect data? Ours will.
  • WiFi down? Our system has cellular back up in case of a WiFi failure or power outage. 
  • Custom alert settings. Customize alarm settings by team or by member role. This is particularly helpful on weekends or during vacations.

Field calibration

Some facilities require NIST calibrated sensors for compliance. It can be a chore to check and adjust the calibration annually. Our calibration feature allows the user or a 3rd party to easily adjust for any offsets found in the field. There is no need to uninstall the sensors. A simple calibration offset can be entered into the Dashboard for each sensor and those readings will be automatically adjusted based on that offset. 

equipment utilization

For many labs and manufacturing environments it can be critical to understand the utilization of equipment. Do we need to buy a new HPLC or can we use the ones we have more efficiently? Do we really need to perform the annual PM on a centrifuge or could we push that out a little longer? Knowing how much equipment is actually utilized can help answer these questions. Detecting open door events on cold storage equipment is possible with the Element-T and the Elemental Platform. This feature was used to determine the actual usage of freezers and fridges for a large pharma customer. 

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