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With the Launch of our Connected Lab Platform, we can now use the Element-D to capture critical data from your most utilized instruments.¬† The Element-D has the capability of connecting to the most commonly used incubators and shakers in your lab. As with our entire system, the data generated (CO2, O2, Temp, Humidity) will all be accessible in our Insights Dashboard and can be used for Alerting, Monitoring, and Compliance Documentation. For more information¬†please contact us at [email protected]



Insights Dashboard integration

Monitoring, Alerting & Compliance

Utilization & Performance Metrics

Key Features


Can be used in a broad range of environments and equipment.


No network cables required. Data is shared with the Elemental Insights dashboard via WiFi

Product Overview


Welcome to the Smart Lab

Download and learn how the Elemental Machines Sensory Network is helping leading teams improve research processes and manufacturing outcomes, refine protocols, and monitor conditions in the laboratory, equipment and production environment