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Data is driving innovation in all industries, but it’s not always easy to access the data you need. Millions of pieces of analytical, manufacturing, and testing equipment are not sharing data. The data is locked up inside the equipment and is not being accessed to make important decisions. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically extract and store that data for easy access? Now you can.

Element-D (which stands for ”Data”) is an IoT data collection device that connects OEM instruments to the cloud to automate the collection of scientific data, metadata such as maintenance and calibration records, and critical performance and utilization metrics. Element-D aggregates readings  to the cloud-based Elemental Machines Insights Dashboard where predictive algorithms are used to deliver powerful, actionable insights about user workflows, machine health, utilization, and operating environments. Automated data collection and audit reporting also facilitate compliance with quality management systems and regulatory agencies.

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Data collection from critical pieces of equipment such as incubators, balances, pH meters, blood gas analyzers and more

  • Eliminate paper records
  • Aggregate all data in the Cloud
  • Make data available for ELNs and LIMS through our API
  • Collect key data and metadata
predictive analytics, equipment monitoring, temperature monitoring

installing element-d

Element-D can be connected to a wide variety of laboratory equipment. Typical installations include lab balances, incubators, pH meters and more. To find out if we can connect to your equipment, please contact us. 

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Key Features


Can be used with a broad range of equipment. Monitor laboratory and production equipment such as balances, incubators, pH meters and more.


Has connectors built in, such as RJ-45 and USB to enable connections with equipment outputs.


No network cables required. Data is shared with the Elemental Insights dashboard via WiFi

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