Monitor your environment 24/7

The HVAC unit is blowing on your analytical instruments causing the readings to vary. The low humidity in the winter months is causing your liquid handling system to malfunction. Unbeknownst to you, the cleaning crew is coming in at night and turning on the lights, waking your research animals. What do these things have in common? They’ve all happened to our customers, and in each case, the mystery was solved using an Element-A to monitor the environment 24/7. 

In research and development, manufacturing, and compliance testing it’s hard enough to control the known variables. It’s impossible to control the unknown variables, so it only makes sense to monitor the environment to make sure unseen forces aren’t conspiring to ruin your experiments and processes. The Element-A continuously measures Temperature, Humidity, Light Levels and Pressure. These readings are stored in the Cloud and can be accessed via your dashboard. 

The Element-A is wireless, portable and battery-operated. It continuously monitors critical environmental factors and will even alarm you when readings go out of specification. All readings are automatically archived for quality management systems and regulatory compliance. 

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Data collection from critical environments like laboratories, vivariums, manufacturing facilities, food storage, shipping containers, clinics and hospitals

  • Document ambient conditions
  • Measure microenvironments within larger areas
  • Understand if ambient conditions are outside typical operating range for analytical equipment
  • Receive alerts when readings are out of specification

installing element-a

Element-A is simple to install anywhere in your facility as there are no wires or power cables to worry about. Element-A is battery-powered, portable and installs in about one minute. Watch this video to see how easy it is to deploy the Element-A.

Check out our E-guide on environmental monitoring

Key Features


Can be used in a broad range of environments and equipment. Monitor research laboratories, monitor production facilities, monitor freezers, monitor refrigerators, monitor ovens


No plug required, streamlining deployment and making it easy to place devices exactly where needed, rather than where the nearest outlet is


Magnetically mounted, simply place and activate devices and ensure that they are streaming data


No network cables required. Data is shared with the Elemental Insights dashboard via WiFi

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