The ELEMENTAL MACHINES SENSORY NETWORK is the fastest path to the Smart Lab. It monitors equipment performance and environmental factors that can influence research and manufacturing outcomes, and provides valuable new data streams and insights to improve operational efficiency. Data can be shared with other systems — electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and others.

See how Elemental Machines helps scientists improve reproducibility.

Elemental Machines - Overview Video

Elemental Insights

The rich, web-based dashboard gives teams on-site and remote access to all data from the Elements. Track performance of critical equipment to understand usage patterns and identify potential maintenance issues. Manage notifications and alerts. Generate monthly performance for reports for compliance requirements. Anytime. Anywhere. Lab monitoring has never been easier.


A portfolio of plug-and-play wireless sensors continuously monitors critical equipment and the lab environment. Whether you want to monitor laboratory freezers, refrigerators, ovens, incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks, or understand the ambient temperature and humidity in the lab itself, Elements are the answer. Easy to install and battery-powered, they stream high-resolution data to the Elemental Insights dashboard for easy access to visualizations and a lab-wide view of equipment performance. NIST-traceable devices available.

Elemental Alerts

Instant texts and emails alert designated recipients if Elements detect unexpected variations in conditions. Temperature and humidity monitoring, incubator monitoring, refrigerator monitoring, freezer monitoring and more. Alerts ensure that the right people are notified – immediately.