Our IoT alerting and monitoring systems protect your valuables 24/7

Protect your valuable assets

24/7 Alerting and Monitoring

Don't let freezer failures or doors carelessly left open destroy your valuable assets or derail your research studies. Get text and/or email alerts to any out of spec conditions. Anytime. Anywhere

Secure Data in the Cloud

The best balance between data security and accessibility is to store it in the Cloud with secure log in. IoT sensors continuously stream data to the Cloud for nearly unlimited storage and retrieval. You can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection. Data can also be shared across LIMS systems and other databases via API.

Data at Your Fingertips

Our Insights Platform gives your team complete access to temperature data from all your equipment - 80 and- 20 freezers, fridges, LN2 tanks, ovens and incubators. You can customize alerts, track door open events, learn which assets are utilized the most and which are underutilized. All of this knowledge streamed to the Cloud seamlessly.

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