Elemental Machines develops the Sensory Network™ that gives laboratory managers, research scientists and production managers unprecedented insight into complex processes. By gathering and synthesizing environmental data into actionable information, the Elemental Machines Sensory Network provides critical insights that improve repeatability and outcomes, saving time and money.

Our customers are addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges – curing diseases, developing revolutionary therapies, and producing innovative food sources to feed a growing global population. Elemental Machines is supporting their work – from R&D through manufacturing – with an innovative platform that monitors the lab and production environment, including critical equipment, to illustrate the impact of otherwise invisible variables.

Simply put, Elemental Machines is revolutionizing the information that teams in chemistry and biology-based environments can use to improve productivity and outcomes. With Elemental Machines, insights drive advantage.



We are looking for a capable, focused full stack engineer who can help us build out our Elemental Insights dashboard. This person is at home writing elegant Ruby code, finessing CSS until it is just right, and finding the fastest SQL query for the job. You will be responsible for making our dashboard even more feature rich at all layers of the stack. At the same time, you will wear a lot of new and different hats.

If you thrive on problem solving in a fast-paced environment and know what to do in these situations, we would love to hear from you.

  • You need to display a line graph of a million data points – in a split second. Then, you have to figure out how to let users seamlessly zoom in to the most interesting part of the graph.
  • Your team’s UX designer needs help simplifying a complex rules engine into an elegant interface. Then, you need to review the design and anticipate tricky edge cases.
  • The QA engineer reports that your sticky menu button refuses to stick when viewed in the latest version of Firefox.
  • You need to build a system to receive megabytes of real time data per second without missing a single bit. Later, sales take off and you need to scale up by a factor of 100.

If you are nodding your head in recognition, we would like to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] with subject line “Problem solved” and tell us how you handled a similar scenario. Please include your latest resume.

We’re guessing you:

  • Have 5+ years of experience
  • Can reel off the trade offs between different join clauses in your sleep, and can wrangle Postgres or MySQL
  • Have strong opinions about best practices and open to new ideas
  • Are a pro at JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Get excited about jumping into a new project with both feet
  • Already have Ruby experience, or are enthusiastic about learning it
  • Can expertly juggle feature development, infrastructure maintenance, and bug fixes

Bonus points if you:

  • Are used to managing a fleet of AWS servers
  • Have worked with ES6, Sass, or Slim
  • Get excited about the idea of TDD
  • Have a bunch of (mostly) finished projects on GitHub
  • Have a BS/MS in computer science, computer engineering, or similar