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Animal research studies for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and food safety can cost millions of dollars and extend for months. Protect the outcome of your study by continuously monitoring your environment for proper temperature, humidity, pressure and light cycles.

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Olivia protects her research results
Olivia is the Operations Manager at an animal research facility. The lab has an HVAC control system for each section of the facility, but for added security Olivia installed a number of Element A sensors to independently monitor the facility. One night after work, Olivia received an alert that light levels were higher than they should be while the animals were sleeping. Investigating further, she found the new cleaning crew had gone into the animal holding rooms to clean, disturbing the animal’s circadian rhythms. Olivia explained to the cleaning crew the importance of maintaining a dark, quiet environment at night for the animals. Thanks to her Element A’s she was able to prevent a problem that could have put numerous studies at risk.

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Capture critical data from your equipment and facilities for 24/7 alerting and monitoring, performance, utilization and optimization.

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Automate data collection, traceability, and compliance for quality and regulatory needs.

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