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Reproducibility, throughput, and yield are critical metrics for manufacturing. Our IoT-equipped solutions continuously collect data from your equipment and environments. Advanced algorithms reduce manufacturing downtime and increase efficiencies.

How is your environment affecting your process?

Tanya relies on real time data to make informed decisions
Tanya is an process manager at a personal care company that makes a novel cream. She is troubleshooting the manufacturing scale-up process. Tanya installed Element-A sensors on the manufacturing floor to monitor environmental conditions that might be affecting her process. The data revealed subtle, but consequential, temperature and humidity gradients across the manufacturing floor. Working with the facilites department, Tanya made specific changes that stabilized the environment and produced consistent final product.
Anomaly detection helps Trevor optimize his process
Trevor is a manufacturing engineer at a biologics company. He observed a batch with abnormal cell growth. Trevor first checked all equipment settings and confirmed that they were correct. However, an IoT-equipped accelerometer placed inside an incubator showed that the shaker movement was different compared to previous batches. Trevor uncovered a loose screw inside the shaker mechanism. Having all his data on a single platform helped Trevor troubleshoot a complex manufacturing process.

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Capture critical data from your equipment and facilities for 24/7 alerting and monitoring, performance, utilization and optimization.

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Automate data collection, traceability, and compliance for quality and regulatory needs.

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Accelerate science and discovery through a digital workflow powered by AI, data science, and the latest technologies.

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Protect and access your performance and scientific data anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based platform.


Accelerate time to discovery, reduce costs, and minimize downtime through automatic data analytics.

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