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Automatic data collection has significant advantages for life science organizations. Regulatory compliance is much simpler when the data record is complete and easily accessible. Continuous monitoring also protects your valuable assets.

71% of laboratories reported loss of valuable research due to equipment failure

Lindsay saves the day with 24/7 monitoring
Lindsay is a Lab Manager responsible for several laboratories, including their equipment and raw materials. After dinner one night she gets an Elemental Insights text alert to her mobile phone indicating that the temperature is rising in Freezer 12 in the Tissue Culture Lab, putting its irreplaceable tissue samples at risk. Lindsay finds a colleague working the night shift who makes sure the open door is shut, saving the inventory in the freezer. A malfunctioning freezer, or a freezer door carelessly left open, can imperil tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory.
Environmental mapping helps Ganesh optimize his process
Ganesh is analyzing new pharmaceuticals using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analyzer in the lab. Suddenly, he starts getting strange readings that don’t make sense. Thinking this anomaly might have something to do with the environment, Ganesh analyzes the environmental data that has been collected by his Element-A and discovers his analytical anomalies correlate with temperature fluctuations from the HVAC system blowing directly on the HPLC system. He corrects this issue and once again gets consistent readings from his HPLC allowing him to stay on schedule.
Wei Lin uses a connected lab solution for increased efficiency
Wei Lin has several older balances and pH meters in his lab that work great. However, the data from these pieces of equipment aren't available electronically. This means he must record readings manually in a lab book and transcribe all the data to his Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). By implementing Element-D Wei Lin is able to automatically gather data from his balances and pH sensors and make these data available electronically to his ELN, LIMS system, Database and even access all the data in real time in the Elemental Machines cloud-based Dashboard.

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Enterprise Asset

Capture critical data from your equipment and facilities for 24/7 alerting and monitoring, performance, utilization and optimization.

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Automate data collection, traceability, and compliance for quality and regulatory needs.

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Accelerate science and discovery through a digital workflow powered by AI, data science, and the latest technologies.

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Protect and access your performance and scientific data anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based platform.


Accelerate time to discovery, reduce costs, and minimize downtime through automatic data analytics.

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