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Protect your valuable inventory with continuous data collection. Our systems will alert you to any out of spec conditions. This complete data record also simplifies regulatory compliance by putting all the data at your fingertips.

Is your cold chain protected sufficiently?

Reporting for Vaccine Storage
Roberta’s lab stores vaccines for a large hospital and clinic. The Center for Disease Control’s “Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit” specifies that one of the key elements for an effective and reliable cold chain is reliable storage and temperature monitoring equipment. Roberta uses the Element-T with a wireless gateway to ensure her vaccines are always stored at optimal conditions. Not only is she alerted about any out of spec conditions, the data is also stored for years in the cloud, allowing her to easily meet all regulatory requirements.
Automated data storage provides peace of mind
Julio’s lab produces pharmaceuticals. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) has extensive standards around good weighing practices. Julio is responsible for making sure the balances in his lab are properly calibrated to meet USP guidelines. He is diligent about calibrating all balances on a regular basis, but is concerned about the reliability of manual records. Julio wants to store the outputs of his balances electronically in case there is any question about calibration procedures. Julio has installed several Element-D sensors to automatically gather and store his measurements. All measurements are saved and readily accessible in his cloud-based dashboard.

10 tips for using IoT for Compliance.

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