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Quality and safety are paramount in the food services industry, whether you are storing, preparing, or shipping food products. A key aspect of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is Cold Chain Compliance. Be confident about your cold chain by monitoring it 24/7 with cloud-connected IoT sensors.

What are your options for cold chain compliance?

Ensuring Food Quality
Julia is the warehouse supervisor for a company that supplies prime beef to restaurants. She needs to keep her products at the right temperature to maintain quality and to meet regulatory requirements. Julia can rest easy knowing that temperature and humidity are being constantly monitored. Through her cloud-based dashboard, she has a continuous record of temperature and humidity she can access anytime, anywhere.
Meeting FSMA Compliance
Roberto’s company delivers frozen food to supermarkets around the country. They are a small supplier of frozen foods, with only a dozen trucks. However, with the phasing in of the Food Safety Modernization Act, they are now required to verify cold chain compliance during storage and transport of food. Rather than rely on their drivers to stop and check storage temperatures every few hours, they have installed a number of Element-A sensors to continuously monitor temperatures and send alerts to the drivers and dispatchers if there are any out of temperature conditions. Roberto uses this continuous temperature record for regulatory filings.

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