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Next-generation energy solutions must be competitive with fossil fuels. Elemental Machines provides a complete data picture so you can decrease costs, maximize production and increase yields.

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Paul uses environmental data to increase yield
Paul is the process manager for a biofuels manufacturer. His goal is to maximize process yield from his algae production. Yield depends upon a photosynthetic process that is highly dependent upon ambient conditions like temperature, humidity and light. Paul is able to effortlessly record, store and retrieve vital environmental data using an array of Element-A sensors. He correlates these readings to process yields and quality to optimize his process.

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Capture critical data from your equipment and facilities for 24/7 alerting and monitoring, performance, utilization and optimization.

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Automate data collection, traceability, and compliance for quality and regulatory needs.

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Accelerate science and discovery through a digital workflow powered by AI, data science, and the latest technologies.

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Protect and access your performance and scientific data anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based platform.


Accelerate time to discovery, reduce costs, and minimize downtime through automatic data analytics.

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