Environmental Mapping to enable insights

Greenhouses, vertical farms, and new cultivation technologies requires precise, controlled environmental conditions. Elemental Machines monitors and analyzes critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, and pH, enabling you to create an optimal, uniform growing environment.

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On-Point Solutions

enterprise asset management, asset management system, laboratory information management system

Enterprise Asset

Capture critical data from your equipment and facilities for 24/7 alerting and monitoring, performance, utilization and optimization.

Quality &

Automate data collection, traceability, and compliance for quality and regulatory needs.

Lab of the

Accelerate science and discovery through a digital workflow powered by AI, data science, and the latest technologies.

Enterprise Data

Protect and access your performance and scientific data anytime, anywhere, with our cloud-based platform.


Accelerate time to discovery, reduce costs, and minimize downtime through automatic data analytics.

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