Most frequently asked questions and answers

Elemental Machines is a quick and easy system to install.  Element-T’s and Element-A’s can both be installed in 60 seconds, and most Element D’s in less than 5 minutes.  Element-T’s and Element-A’s are battery powered and do not have any wires. Our system is simple and easy to use!

Yes, sensors can be installed by any user.  Element-T’s and Element-A’s can be installed quickly on many types of equipment.  Element-D’s are meant to be installed on a pre-set piece of equipment and only need to be plugged into the equipment then placed on a WiFi network of your choosing.

Element T’s and Element A’s come with magnets built in and will stick to most equipment surfaces.  If you are installing on equipment that is not magnetic, tape, velcro, or command strips work well. There is no need to drill holes in any of your equipment. Element D’s do not have magnets and can be stored behind the equipment or attached via tape, velcro or command strips.


Element-T sensors will only measure temperature, with a range of -200C to 200C.  Element-A sensors will measure temperature and humidity (as well as lux and atmospheric pressure).  The Element-A’s temperature range is between -10C to 45C.


Yes! Our Element-D allows for gathering of data from various incubators, balances, pH meters, and more.  The equipment list that we can connect to is always growing. Reach out to [email protected] to see if we support connecting to your current equipment list.

No, Gateways must be provided by Elemental Machines.

Yes, Element-T and Element-A devices are factory calibrated.  If you need calibration documentation please contact [email protected] and we can gladly provide that to you.

Elemental Insights dashboard now has a Calibration function that will allow for Temperature calibration of Element-T and Element-A devices.  A calibrator will be able to verify if the readings are accurate and/or enter in offsets (slope and/or intercept) when the devices are outside of calibration range. We are pleased to partner with Essco Calibration Laboratory to provide these services in the field. 

There is no limit to the number of sensors a Gateway can support.  Usually, the limiting factor is the gateway’s bluetooth range. The bluetooth range is up to 30 feet and can go through walls, doors, etc.

Element-T’s and Element-A’s communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1, sampling every 15 seconds and transmitting to the Gateway every 60 seconds.  Element-D’s do not communicate with the Gateway.

Our sensors communicate via low energy 2.4GHz wireless to our gateways.  Only other devices that transmit at the same signal will potentially interfere with each other.  If there is an issue between WiFi and bluetooth, the gateways also have cellular service as a backup and will continue to send data when WiFi is unable to.

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