Integrating Measurement and Analysis to Decipher the Physical World

At Elemental Machines, we believe there is critical data encoded in the physical world around us. Experimental irreproducibility, process failure, optimization, and success are all affected by unseen, unmeasured forces. Our customers harness the power of our integrated IoT data science platform to decipher their world and yield actionable insights.

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  • “From product development to quality control, having detailed data and high-level visualizations about all aspects of our operation is enormously valuable.”

    Bud Drummey – Senior Director of Manufacturing, Quanterix
  • “The Elemental Machines solution is helping our resident scientists easily measure the effects of environmental variables to accelerate their research.”

    Johannes Fruehauf, MD, PhD – Co-founder and President of LabCentral
  • “Elemental Machines is poised to have a profound impact on how research is performed.”

    Brian Singerman – Partner at Founders Fund