The Elemental Machines Sensory Network™  is currently deployed in a range of leading facilities, including:

Synthetic Biology

With granular data about the lab environment and equipment, researchers are refining protocols and improving reproducibility. They are using the Elemental Machines Sensory Network to track and monitor lab equipment performance, including refrigerators, freezers, cryo freezers, ovens, incubators and more.

Materials Science

Documenting ambient conditions – temperature, light levels, humidity, air pressure and others – in the laboratory, and monitoring performance of key equipment is helping teams accelerate experimental research and improve protocols, and streamline transfer to manufacturing.

Drug Discovery

Visibility into how environmental factors are influencing experiments helps scientists accelerate their research and bring new therapies to market faster. With access to advanced analytics, trends are easy to identify and anomalies in data are instantly visible.

Genomic Testing

Innovative teams are using the Sensory Network to better understand the factors affecting their work, monitor sample and reagent storage, and improve research processes and outcomes. Facilities management teams can also monitor equipment remotely, enabling them to provide the highest-quality research environment for the teams they support.

See how Elemental Machines helps scientists improve reproducibility.

Elemental Machines - Overview Video


Quanterix taps Elemental Machines Sensory Network to monitor critical equipment performance.