Elemental Machines Sensory Network

The ELEMENTAL MACHINES SENSORY NETWORK is a powerful and cost-effective solution that enables researchers, laboratory managers, quality control and manufacturing teams to improve complex processes. By tracking and documenting environmental factors that can influence research and manufacturing outcomes, the system supports the entire product lifecycle – from research to manufacturing – and provides valuable data for Laboratory Information Management Systems.



If you need to monitor laboratory environments and track critical equipment performance, Elements are the answer. Intelligent wireless devices continuously monitor equipment and the environment to provide the precise data teams need.  Element-T measures equipment temperature and is used as a wireless freezer monitor, wireless refrigerator monitor, oven monitor and more. Element-A tracks ambient factors — temperature, humidity, air pressure and light.

Elemental Insights


Elemental Insights is a rich, web-based dashboard that offers easy access to all the data from the Elements across the environment. Lab monitoring has never been easier. Anytime. Anywhere.

Elemental Insights


With a fully instrumented environment and access to powerful visualizations, researchers and staff can correlate test outcomes with environmental conditions and:

  • Improve transparency
  • Improve repeatability
  • Improve outcomes
Elemental Alerts


Elemental Alerts provide instant text and email notifications if Elements detect unexpected variations in conditions. For refrigerator monitoring, freezer monitoring and more. Alerts ensure that the right people are notified – immediately.

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