Thoughts from the team

Disrupting the Lab Not the Scientist

Disruptive innovation has made its way through most industries as a driving force for advancement and change.
But, the scientific research sector, whether public or private, has remained largely untouched by the benefits of disruptive innovation. The result? Two of life science’s biggest hurdles – astoundingly high lack of experimental reproducibility, and the fact that it continues to take 10+ years and over $2 billion to develop a life saving drug in the year 2016 – are still ongoing challenges.


The Case of the Missing Data: Metadata

Research scientists are swimming in data. Every day. Every experiment. The data and the integrity of the data are paramount.They provide documentation of scientific processes and hold keys to success, failure and reproducibility. But there is always missing data in most experimental research – information that you should have collected that gives context to the experimental data itself.