What if the $200 billion1 spent on life science R&D every year could be cut in half? What if critical research projects could be completed in a fraction of the time? The challenge? Reproducibility, which affects virtually every research project, and costs scientists precious time, money and resources. Often the culprit is something that was outside the scope of the experiment and wasn’t recorded.


Laboratory Environment

Temperature, humidity, light, vibration


Instrument Reliability

Which instrument was used, when it was calibrated, usage history


Protocol Consistency

Differences in how the protocol is executed due to human error

For scientists and researchers, tracking the source of variability in a serial manner is time-consuming and laborious. Develop a protocol, run an experiment, analyze the results, adjust the protocol, repeat. It can take months to understand why actual results differ from expected outcomes. Until now.

Making Reproducibility A Science

Designed specifically for scientific research environments, Elemental Machines’ EM Suite is a powerful and cost-effective solution that empowers scientists, researchers and laboratory staff to:

  • Identify environmental factors contributing to experimental outcomes
  • Normalize the test environment
  • Improve reproducibility
  • Accelerate the pace of discovery
  • Save precious resources

Elemental Machines is poised to have a profound impact on how research is performed.

Brian Singerman - Partner at Founders Fund

The Elemental Machines solution is helping our resident scientists easily measure the effects of environmental variables to accelerate their research.

Johannes Fruehauf, MD, PhD - Co-founder and President of LabCentral

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